Kor N’ Atakora Jewelers


*Established in 2019 Kor N’ Atakora jewels began with the goal of immersing the everyday woman with sophisticated, HIGH-QUALITY, feminine jewelry.

We offer exceptionally timeless jewelry for customers who deserve to look like a million bucks; without breaking the bank.

The entire essence of our brand is to represent modern women. A woman who is fierce, feminine, and intelligent. All our styles are made with you in mind. We buy & design sophisticated, minimal, and modern styles we know you'll love.

Our design manufacturers focus on using the most cutting-edge fashion technology. To bring you 100% HYPOALLERGENIC / NICKEL, LEAD & CADMIUM FREE products. We make It safe for people with allergies and/or sensitive skin. We invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.


Born in Queens, New York. Akua Atakora spent most of her childhood jumping from school to school. Exploring many avenues of culture, style, and individuality. Although she didn’t know it then. This abundance of diversity and fashion stuck with her until young adulthood.
Fast forward to her 20s, with a headstrong heart, and entrepreneurial spirit. Akua has worked to improve her career & promotional status while cultivating new ideas online using an e-commerce platform.
Being a consistent online shopper & having a knack for fashion & design. Akua decided to tie in all of her unique/unconventional abilities to create what you see before you www.kornatakora.com.
With MONTHS of trial & error; Akua & her team have preoccupied themselves with the logistics of e-commerce. Finally, in December 2019 Kornatakora.com became public.